Midnight & Beyond

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im in the library and my friend pulled out her bag and unzipped it and she has an entire fucking bucket of cheeseballs in there jesus christ
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Day 1: A facial feature you like about yourself?
Day 2: A physical feature you like on yourself?
Day 3: A favorite part of your personality?
Day 4: A good habit you have?
Day 5: How is your thought process unique?
Day 6: When do you feel the best about yourself?
Day 7: When was the last time you smiled?
Day 8: What do you think of your smile?
Day 9: When was the last time you laughed?
Day 10: What do you think of your laugh?
Day 11: What was the last compliment you received?
Day 12: What makes you a good friend?
Day 13: What is your favorite article of clothing and why?
Day 14: Random thing you like about yourself?
Day 15: Your favorite compliment to give to others?
Day 16: Your favorite compliment you have ever received?
Day 17: Do you often accept compliments?
Day 18: Where do you feel most at home?
Day 19: What is something you are skilled at?
Day 20: When you are feeling sad, how do you cheer yourself up?
Day 21: What is a talent few people know you have?
Day 22: When do you feel the most attractive?
Day 23: Something about the way you are that you like?
Day 24: Something you do that makes you smile?
Day 25: What is your favorite pastime?
Day 26: Why are you the way you are?
Day 27: If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be?
Day 28: Another random thing you like about yourself?
Day 29: What is something you don't give yourself enough credit for?
Day 30: What is your favorite part about yourself?
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Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”, that was a cool day. I had had this piece of music for about a year. It started out in my hotel room, and it started as a song called “Bad Day”, and no, go figure, it was before Daniel Powter. It was the whole, “you had a bad day, nothing went right.” Then it was, “go cry about why don’’t you”, and I loved that line. I thought singing something like that to somebody and being callous was so cool. I had the “we’’re going down” line and then I said to Chad, this chaos really sounds a lot like slow dancing in a burning room. It was one of those moments in the studio where I’’d get up from the couch and go “let’’s do it.” He wouldn’’t know what, but he’’d go “alright, something’’s going to happen”. I went behind the microphone and said “my dear we’re slow dancing in a burning room” and laid those harmonies in. It was maybe one of the coolest moments of the record. We had a lot of those moments.
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I'll Be Home For Christmas (Live in Valhalla - December 22, 2008) by John Mayer
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All I Want For Christmas Is You by John Mayer
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